Reliability and Radiation Effects on Advanced CMOS Technologies



This section contains various tutorial resources about radiation effects on advanced CMOS components. If you are new to these subjects, please follow the links below. If you are already familiar with them and want to learn about our cutting-edge research instead, please visit the section Our Research.

Radiation effects

Radiation Environments: where and when you should be concerned about radiation effects on electronics components.

Single event effects and total ionizing dose: two broad categories of radiation effects on CMOS components.

Soft Errors: the greatest threat to digital computations.

Reliability of advanced CMOS technologies

Time dependent dielectric breakdown: when insulators are no more insulators.

Negative bias temperature instability: this plague affecting PMOSFETs is one of the major reliability concerns of modern CMOS technologies.

Channel hot carriers: carriers heated by the ever-growing electric fields may be injected into the gate oxide, causing significant degradation of device performance.

Advanced CMOS

Advanced CMOS: a brief introduction about silicon on Insulator, strain-inducing techniques, and high-k oxides.

Non-volatile memories: from the market-leader floating gate Flash memories to the designated innovative heirs, SONOS, phase change, and resistive memories.




With every new generation CMOS is becoming more unreliable.